Who is 4Months?

We are the ULTIMATE Buy now – pay later

4months is giving this generation of online consumers the opportunity to spend smart. We offer YOU the option to buy the latest mobile devices, small appliances, and laptops at competitive prices over a period of your choice.

Say what?!

Yep, you read that right.


Sound too good to be true? Hear us out…

We know a good deal when we see it. We also know that there’s no better or easier space than the online marketplace to bag your heart’s desire at the click of a button – the greatest possible convenience.

We know that some of the sweetest deals can still burn a man-sized hole in your pocket and that never feels good. In the current economic climate, no once-in-a-lifetime deal or significant price slash can make you feel better than being in control of your finances.


You should be able to nab the tech YOU want, at the prices YOU like, while rocking a positive cash flow. We have partnered with all the top digital financial services providers such as FASTA, Pay Just Now, Payflex, Zeropay and more. You will be debited by the best financial services provider based on your payment terms. You shouldn’t have to choose between your financial well being and owning the latest tech. We’re giving you the option to take advantage of some unmissable deals on credit over a time period of your choice.

You decide how much time you would need to pay for your purchase… it’s all on your terms.

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