Volcan 300W Energon Portable Powerstation

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Battery Capacity 299WH 12.8V
Cell Chemistry System LiFePO4 System
Lifecycles  3000 Cycles with battery Capacity remaining above 70%
Battery Maintenance Charge Every 3 – 6 Months
Protection Function Over-voltage Protection
Over-Load Protection
Over-Temperature Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Disconnection Protection
Low-Temperature Protection
High Temperature Protection
Undervoltage Protection
Over-Current Protection
Balance Protection
Net Weight 3.6kg
Dimensions (L*W*H)  242*180.4*102.95mm
Ambient Temperature Range by charging
-4°C – 45°C
Ambient Temperature Range by Discharging
-10°C – 45°C


Power on and Conquer
Our 300Watt Portable Power Battery redefines the meaning of endurance. With an impressive power capacity, it’s the ultimate companion for your gaming sessions, outdoor escapades, and everything in between. Say goodbye to the frustration of battery drain and embrace the freedom to pursue your passions for longer!
Energon 300 is the ultimate ally for trendy techies and pro gamers on the go. Weighing just 3.6kg and producing 300W of juice, this stylish and compact portable power station won’t weigh you down as you conquer the world. In a blackout, the Energon 300 kicks into action with lightning speed, restoring power within 20 milliseconds so you can keep your gadgets charged and focused on the game. Whether you’re on the road or in the heat of the action, Energon 300 never leaves you stranded. Follow your passion and achieve unlimited possibilities with Energon 300!
Compact Design

Experience the charm of space technology

Get ready to experience space-age technology right in the palm of your hands with the Energon 300! With its sleek and striking design, the Energon 300 captures the essence of science fiction and brings it into the real world. Its unique appearance adds a touch of sci-fi to your everyday life, immersing you in a visual journey through the universe.

Volcan Celltech (VCT)

High energy density battery

Based on advanced technology of high energy density batteries, the battery size can be compressed to a smaller size without affecting battery capacity and power output.

Multiple safety protections

LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery chemistry provides 3000+ cycles.

With its advanced BMS safe protection system and intelligent detection of voltage, current, temperature, and circuit changes, you can rest assured that your devices are charged safely and efficiently.

Experience improved cooling efficiency and reduced noise with only 45 dB of sound when used at room temperature, conforming to hospital noise standards set by the WHO.

Innovative multi-port design

With the ability to power up to 7 devices simultaneously, this portable power station can easily keep your phone, gaming console, tablet, laptop, and controller charged on the go. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple chargers and power banks and hello to unlimited possibilities with Energon 300’s reliable and versatile charging power.

20ms automatic power supply switch

Energon 300 is an ideal emergency backup power source for your home. When an unexpected power outage occurs, Energon 300 switches to backup power within 20ms, ensuring your devices stay powered and uninterrupted. Especially ideal for gaming enthusiasts, Energon 300 guarantees an immersive gaming experience that won’t be interrupted by blackouts.

Unique Exterior Design

Stand out from the crowd with Energon 300’s exclusive diamond-cutting design! Its excellent appearance is a perfect balance of style and function, making it a sought-after accessory for all your adventures.

Small Size

242*180.4*102.95mm, 35% smaller than other products of the same capacity in the industry. The size of the handheld power station is portable with a lightweight design. It weighs 3.6kg and can be easily lifted with one hand.

Ready to explore the great outdoors? Our power station is your trusted companion. Crafted with portability in mind, it features a rugged yet sleek design that can withstand the elements. The fire-retardant and shock-resistant shell, built to UL 94V-0 standard, ensures durability and safety even in challenging environments. From rugged terrains to unexpected bumps, your power bank remains resilient, protecting your power source and your devices.

With general lighting, strong light, and SOS flash modes, it can be used outdoors and in an emergency.

Replenish Energy

Support multi-mode fast charging with the quickest charging time 1.8 hours.

Rich Interfaces

This versatile portable power station can handle the vast majority of electronic products.








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